July 19, 2024

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8 Tips to Building a Strong Online Presence

8 Tips to Building a Strong Online Presence


If you’re looking to grow your business, it’s time to step out of the shadows. You can’t assume that people will find you on their own—it’s up to you to create a strong online presence so that customers can find you and buy what you’re selling. Whether it’s through social media or your website, here are eight simple tips for creating an online presence that will get noticed:

8 Tips to Building a Strong Online Presence

Create the perfect logo.

Creating the perfect logo is one of the most important steps in building your brand. A logo is what people see first, and it’s their first impression of you. Your logo should be memorable, unique and easy to read at any size. It should also look good on any color background without losing its integrity as an image (i.e., it doesn’t become a jumbled mess).

If you’re creating a brand new company or product identity from scratch, then this can be an exciting process–but also challenging! Try using these tips:

  • Don’t overthink it – You don’t need to hire a professional designer or spend thousands on software programs; there are plenty of free online tools available that will help you get started with basic design concepts for logos and icons such as Canva (https://wwwcanva) or Gimp (https://wwwgimp). Just remember not everything needs layers upon layers of special effects! Sometimes less really does mean more when it comes down do something striking yet simple enough so as not distract from whatever message(s) may exist within said imagery/iconography.”

Offer free shipping or a free gift with purchase.

Free shipping is a great way to get people to buy from you. It’s also a great way to get repeat customers and get them to buy more than they planned. You can use it as a loss leader, which means that if you’re making money on something else (like the products themselves), then offering free shipping will bring in more business than it costs you.

Be consistent when posting on social media.

Consistency is key when it comes to building a strong online presence. You should be posting on social media at least once a day, if not more. Here are some tips for making sure you’re doing so consistently:

  • Post at the same time every day
  • Post at the same time every week
  • Post at the same time every month (or quarter)
  • Post at the same time every year (for example, New Year’s Eve)

Make your homepage an easy read.

Your homepage is the first thing visitors will see when they land on your site. It’s also one of the most important pages for converting visitors into customers, so make sure it’s optimized for both search engines and human eyes alike.

  • Use large font sizes: As with any other content on your site, make sure that text on the homepage is big enough to read without zooming in or going back to re-read something because it was too small to read at once. Visitors won’t want to spend time squinting at tiny text–and neither do search engines!
  • Keep things simple: The layout should be clear and easy-to-follow so that readers can easily scan through all of its contents without getting lost or confused along the way. If there are multiple images or graphics involved, make sure they’re used sparingly (and still add value).

Use call-to-action buttons on your website and social media pages.

Call-to-action buttons are a great way to encourage your visitors and customers to take action. They’re essentially buttons that encourage visitors to interact with you in some way, whether it’s signing up for an email list or purchasing something from your store. If a visitor has questions about something on your site, they can click on the button and get their answers immediately without having to leave their current page!

Call-to-action buttons should be big enough so that people can see them easily without squinting or straining their eyes when they’re scrolling through social media feeds at night (and everything looks fuzzy). You also want them positioned near the top of each post so readers don’t miss them when scrolling down through posts by friends and family members who haven’t updated in awhile (that’s what we call “FOMO”).

Be sure to have a contact page for customers to reach you.

If you don’t have a contact page, it’s time to get one! It’s important for customers to know how they can reach you. You may want to include:

  • Phone number and email address
  • Social media links (Twitter and Facebook)

It’s also helpful if you provide an alternative way for people who are searching for your business online to find the information they need. This could be through live chat or even text messaging depending on what kind of business you run, but it should be easy enough for customers who want help from your company or just want more information about what services/products are available at any given time.

Keep your store clear of clutter, including too many options on each page of your website.

The first step to building an online presence is making sure that your store is clear of clutter, including too many options on each page of your website. You want to keep it simple and minimize the amount of work customers have to do when they visit your site.

You don’t want them thinking too much or struggling with finding what they need. You also don’t want them feeling overwhelmed by all the choices in front of them; this will discourage them from purchasing anything at all!

Know the best times to post content to social media so that it gets seen by more people, then adjust those times over time based on what works best for your audience.

The best times to post content on social media are the times when your audience is most likely to see it. These are called “prime hours,” and they differ depending on who your target audience is. If you have a younger audience, for example, prime hours might be during school or work hours in the morning and early evening; if you have an older one (like me), prime hours would be later in the evening when people get home from work or school and want something interesting to read while they eat dinner.

There’s no magic formula here–you’ll need to experiment with different posting times until you find what works best for each of your individual platforms. For example: In addition to posting my blog posts at 10:00am Eastern every weekday morning (when most people wake up), I also try new things like posting links at 6:00pm Eastern on Monday evenings so I can reach those who might not normally see my posts otherwise!

Creating a strong online presence is critical if you want to grow your business

If you want to grow your business and make it profitable, then creating a strong online presence is critical. Online marketing has become the most effective way to reach customers who are looking for products and services.

Here are some tips that will help you build an effective website:

  • Make sure that all of your content is clear, concise and easy-to-read. This will help with visitors’ experience on the site as well as increase their confidence in purchasing from you.
  • Include testimonials from satisfied clients or other third parties who can vouch for how good your service is in order to boost credibility among potential customers by showing off how many happy customers there already are!


We hope these tips will help you create a strong online presence for your business. As always, the most important thing is to be consistent with the content that you share and how often you post it. If you do this right, then people will begin to trust what they see from your brand–and they’ll keep coming back!